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New Website Design for Dublin Restaurant l'Ecrivain
We are pleased to announce the recent launch of a new website design for l'Ecrivain Restaurant. l'Ecrivain is a Michelin Star restaurant that offers a fine dining experience and a menu specialising in Irish French cuisine. Based in Dublin city centr... read more
13th December 2017 by Admin
Brand Identity Word Tools
We've made some new word tools and added them to the website. These word tools are useful for brainstorming and idea generation. We use them to aid us when creating new brand identities but they are general purpose and useful in other scenarios too. ... read more
11th September 2017 by Admin
To add your new website email account(s) to your GMail account you will first need an existing GMail account and the following details which are typically provided when your website email account is setup: Email Address: this is your website email... read more
14th April 2017 by Admin
Accessing Email Using Horde Webmail
The Horde webmail client is often provided as a standard email client with website hosting packages. Accessing your website email accounts using Horde is easy, all you need to do is visit the login page in your browser which is usually on a subdomain... read more
10th April 2017 by Admin
Adding a New Email Account in Thunderbird
To add your new website email account(s) to the Mozilla Thunderbird email client you will need the following details which are typically provided when your email account is setup: Email Address: this obviously is your email address eg. info@m... read more
4th April 2017 by Admin
In this article we will discuss how to add your new email account to your email client of choice. What is an Email Client? An email client is simply the software on your computer or device that allows you to send and receive emails. Well known emai... read more
4th April 2017 by Admin
New Logo Design & Website Launch for Spray Tech Ireland
A new logo design and website has been launched for Spray Tech based in Kildare, Ireland. This is a modern. clean and professional looking single page brochure style website design. read more
27th March 2017 by Admin
SEO Primer - A Beginner Guide to Search Engine Optimisation
Getting your website indexed and ranking high in the various search engines is important for bringing traffic to your website. This starter guide will give you advice on how to choose the best keywords for your website and how to use those keywords e... read more
27th February 2017 by Admin
Every email account has a limited amount of space on the server to store emails and file attachments. The amount of space available which is often referred to as an "email quota" will depend on the hosting or email plan provided by the host/email pro... read more
20th December 2016 by Admin
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