E-Commerce Web Design & Development

If you're looking to sell products online then MGS Web Design can help by integrating an e-commerce shopping cart system into your website. An e-commerce shopping cart system will allow you to sell products and accept secure credit card payments from your customers. Whether you're selling a service, a single product or many products, we build e-commerce websites to suit all scenarios.

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E-Commerce & Online Sales

Everyday more people are using the Internet not only for searches and reference to locate products and services but also to shop and make purchases online. In this modern market of online services and technology it is a huge advantage for any retail business or service provider to have an online presence.

In Ireland alone there are over 1.8 million people online everyday and over 85,000 of those people are buying online everyday - that's are a lot of potential customers and the numbers are increasing. And with an e-commerce website you will have an online shop that is open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Getting your E-Commerce website up and running

From designing and hosting your e-commerce website, to shopping cart and payment gateway integration we make it as easy as possible for you to get started selling online. Our cms and e-commerce shoping cart system is easy to use and gives you full control to run your own online shop with confidence. Manage your product inventory, customers, orders and invoices  - it's easy and should you ever need help we are only an email away to provide you with expert assistance.

Accepting Payments Online

There are a number of ways to accept credit card payments online. We've outlined some of the options we recommend and support below.

You'll need a credit card to set up a PayPal account. With a PayPal account setup it can be integrated it into your website and you can start accepting credit card payments online in real time. You can withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account at any time or use funds in your PayPal account to make purchases online. There are no monthly fees or setup fees with PayPal but there is a transaction fee for every payment you receive (1.9% to 3.4% + €0.35 EUR). Because you are only charged per transaction it is often the best option if you are just starting out and don't want to pay monthly fees. Payments made via PayPal go through PayPal's own secure server, therefore you do not need your own secure server to accept payments.

Realex is an Irish company with offices based in Dublin and other countries including the UK. To setup a Realex account you will need a merchant bank account. Realex offer two types of payment gateway. Option one works similar to PayPal in that you do not need a secure server, the payment page is instead hosted on the Realex secure server. Option two allows you to host your own payment pages on your own secure server. Realex charge a monthly fee of €29 which includes up to 350 transactions free with excess transactions charged at €0.19. The main advantage of Realex over PayPal is support for Laser card payments.

WorldNet TPS
WorldNet TPS is another Irish company based in Dublin. They offer a payment gateway service similar to Realex and they also accept Laser card payments as well as all the major credit cards.

WorldPay charge a setup fee of €145 and a recurring annual fee of €250 and 4.50% on the value of all transactions. They also apply additional charges for extra currencies and other options. In general it is a more expensive option in comparison to PayPal but worth considering if you make a lot of sales and want to include extra payment options for your customers.

* Prices quoted for third party payment gateway services and accounts correct at time of writing.

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