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Social media has quickly become an everday part of our lives and keeping your business up to speed with this fast moving digital landscape can be a challenge. At MGS Web Design we can help you keep up to speed by providing a social media marketing strategy tailored for your business. Below are some of the main social media marketing services we provide for the main social media networks.

Google Plus

Google Plus is similar to Facebook although not quite as popular. However because it is a Google product it has a close connection to Google Search and by putting important information about your business on Google Plus you can get more exposure in Googles search results. We provide the following social media marketing services for GooglePlus: GooglePlus Account Setup GooglePlus Account Branding GooglePlus Account Management & Posting


Facebook is the most popular social media network in Ireland. It is used by people of all ages and demographics. We provide the following social media marketing services for Facebook: Facebook Page Setup Facebook Page Branding Facebook Page Management & Posting Facebook Ad Camaign Management


With a Twitter profile you can gain followers and customers for your business. You can use it as a means to share news, special offers and engage with potential customers. Twitter can also be used as another support channel for your business. We provide the following social media marketing services for Twitter: Twitter Account Setup Twitter Acount Branding Twitter Account Management & Posting Twitter Ad Campaign Management


Video is a very powerful form of media that can capture a persons attention like no other. By uploading videos on Youtube you can gain lots of exposure and not worry about high bandwidth usage on your website hosting. You might have a promotional video for you business, a tutorial video or a product video. If you’re using our e-commerce cms then product videos on youtube can be shown along side the porduct details on your website. We provide the following social media marketing services for Youtube: Youtube Account Setup Youtube Account Branding Animation & Video Editing Youtube Account Management & Video Uploading
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