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Adding a New Email Account in Thunderbird

4th April 2017 by Admin

To add your new website email account(s) to the Mozilla Thunderbird email client you will need the following details which are typically provided when your email account is setup:

  • Email Address: this obviously is your email address eg.
  • Username: this is often the same as the actual email address
  • Password: a case-sensitive password
  • Incoming Server: this is the address to the server where emails that have been sent to you are accessed and downloaded from.
  • Outgoing Server: this is the address to the server that will send your emails out to others, often this is the same as the incoming server but you can also use an outgoing mail server provided by a third party such as your ISP.


When using a desktop email client such as Thunderbird to access your email we recommend using the POP3 protocol which will download emails from the server to your computer. The POP3 protocol will automatically prevent your email quota on the server from filling up over time. If you want to access your emails on other devices such as a mobile phone you can also setup Thunderbird to leave emails on the server for a number of days so that they can be accessed on more than one device.

Setup Links & Tutorials

The links below will bring you to webpages where it explains how to add a new email account to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Manual Account Configuration (

Automatic Account Configuration (

Please note that email clients are often updated and sometimes new versions will change the procedure for adding a new email account. With this in mind the setup steps in the links above may vary slightly from one version to the next.