New Website Design & Development Projects

The steps below outline the general process for all web design projects we undertake:

  1. Web Design Proposal / Quotation

    Upon contacting us with your website requirements we will provide you with a detailed proposal and quotation for your new website.

  2. Deposit

    After you have reviewed our proposal and are happy with it a deposit is required before work can start on the project. This is typically around 30-40% of the total cost with the exact amount specified in the proposal.

  3. Project Start

    Once your deposit is received, work on your new website will commence. At this stage, if you haven’t already, you should send on any images, content or examples that you want us to use and then the design stage begins. When emailing images we would ask that you give them descriptive filenames and not ambiguous filenames such as image1.jpg this helps us better identify your images for the web design process and also with search engine optimisation later on.  You can of course send additional information and content at any time during the process.

  4. Website Preview

    Once the project is underway we aim to have a preview of your new website ready within 2 weeks.

    With some projects we will email you an image preview of what your new website will look like and if necessary make changes based on your feedback. On your approval we then move forward with building a working online preview of the website. Depending on the complexity of the website we may go straight to the online preview stage which is a better representation of the final working website.

    Once the online preview of your website has been delivered an invoice is issued for the remaining balance to be paid and within 30 days therafter you can request any further additions or changes that you want made. The online preview will be updated to reflect any changes you request within this timeframe. Any requests made after this period will only be processed after full payment is received.

  5. Launch & Go Live!

    Once full payment has been received your website can go live on your domain and we will email you any login details associated with your website and email addresses.

Post-Launch Support & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

After your website goes live we offer an additional number of days of complementary free updates where you can request further changes at no extra charge. During this period we also optimise your website for the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO work is not carried out prior to going live because page content can sometimes change quite a bit during the pre-launch development stages and any SEO work carried out could easily be undone.


The total cost of a web design project includes all additions and changes requested prior to the online preview stage and for 30 days thereafter. Once your new website goes live we also provide an additional number of days of free updates complementary and free of charge. The maximum period of time covered for any project unless specified otherwise is 60 days from the invoice date. Any changes requested after this period may incur additional charges.

Watermarked Images

Sometimes low-res watermarked images may be used on website previews during the design and development process. Once a website goes live these are replaced with higher resolution watermark free images.

Additional Functionality

Please note that any additional functionality requested that is not covered in your initial website design package or quotation may incur additional charges. In such cases we will only carry out such work after you have been notified of this and have given us the go ahead.

Support & Maintenance

Our web service & support guarantee is included with all web design projects. This gives you the peace of mind that even after your new website goes live our team is always at hand should you need help with your website, email or other provided web services. For more information on after sales support and our guarantee go to

045 903022