Web Design Prices

Web design prices vary depending on the type of website and it's requirements.

To get a price and quotation that best fits your budget consider the following:

1. How big will the website be?

This typically boils down to the number of pages you need on your website. For example will the website launch with just a few pages or will it have a lot of pages? To lower start-up costs many small businesses start out with just a few essential pages to get their business web presence up and running as quickly as possible and then add new pages and content over time as needed. At the very least every website needs at least one web page which is of course the home page.

2. Is a new Logo design needed?

A professionally designed logo is crucial to build brand identity for your business both online and offline. If you are launching a new business or brand you will probably need a new logo design whereas an established business may already have a logo that can be used on the website. You don't need a logo design to get your website up and running but it is recommended. Our designers create clear, professional logos with logo files provided in suitable formats for print and web use.

3. Is a CMS required?

A CMS allows you to update website content yourself, for example adding new pages or changing text on an existing page. If you plan on having a blog or news section on your website that you need to update often then we recommended going with a CMS. If you need membership functionality or listings functionality a CMS will be required to handle user submitted content and data. Or if you only have a few pages on your website then a CMS might be unnecessary for the current size of the website.

4. Is E-Commerce functionality required?

For businesses that sell products it's usually a good idea to have e-commerce functionality. This allows you to manage your products, customers and orders through a CMS and list products dynamically on the website. It also allows you to take online payments through a payment gateway provider such as PayPal.

5. Custom Functionality & Third Party Services

Some websites require custom functionality that may or may not require special data or an API from a third party service provider. These are usually special case requirements that incur an additional cost to build and/or integrate.

Renewals & Recurring Costs

For most websites all you will need to consider is annually renewing your domain name and hosting. Renewal prices will depend on the tld used in your domain name (.com, .ie) and the amount of hosting bandwidth needed to comfortably accommodate visitor traffic to your website. Some websites also use third party services for enhanced functionality which may also have a monthly or annual fee.

Get a Quote

To get a quote for a new website please contact us with your requirements.
All quoted prices exclude VAT @ 23% unless specified otherwise.

For peace of mind all web design projects that we undertake include our Web Service & Support Guarantee and at least 5 days of complementary free updates after your website goes live where you can request further content changes at no extra charge.