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Business .ie Domain Registration

17th June 2014 by Admin

A .ie domain is ideal for Irish based businesses. However compared to other domains like .com for example there are some rules and requirements put in place. Below are some oof the most common types of applicatons and their requirments.

Registered Irish Businesses

If you are reigstering a new .ie domain that matches or closely reflects the actual name of your business/company then you will need to provide your RBN - Irish registered business name number/company number.

Sole Traders

If you are an individual trading under your own name you can register a domain that reflects either your full name or surname alone. You can also register a domain that reflects your product or service. If you do not have a registered business number you will need to provide your VAT number or a letter from an accountant, solicitor or bank manager confirming that you are a Sole Trader, trading under your own name.

Discretionary Domain Names

If the domain name being registered is significantly different to your actual business name then you will need to apply for it as a discretionary domain name and provide an additional letter outlining what the domain will be used for and your claim of entitlement to it. All letters for domain registration need to be signed, have your registered company number present and your business address/information etc. in the header.

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