Adding a New Email Account in GMail

14th April 2017 by Admin

To add your new website email account(s) to GMail you will need the following details which are typically provided when your email account is setup:

  • Email Address: this obviously is your email address eg.
  • Username: this is often the same as the actual email address
  • Password: a case-sensitive password
  • Incoming Server: this is the address to the server where emails that have been sent to you are accessed and downloaded from.


When using GMail to access website email accounts we recommend using the POP3 protocol which will download emails from your website's mail hosting server and store them in the cloud on GMail servers. At time of writing the storage limit on a free GMail account is 15GB whereas the storage available on your website's mail server is likely to be much smaller. Therefore by using the POP3 protocol it will automatically prevent the email quota on your website's mail server from filling up over time.

Setup Steps for GMail

  1. Sign into your Gmail account
  2. Click the cog icon (top right of page) and click Settings from the the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Accounts tab.
  4. In the "Check mail from other accounts" section, click "Add a mail account".
  5. Enter the email address you want to add and then click Next.

At this stage follow the online prompts to finish the process and enter any requested details for your email account.

Once the email account has been added GMail will connect to your website's email server periodically to download any new messages and they will then appear in your GMail inbox.

GMail checks for new emails at timed intervals which vary depending on how often it retrieves new email. If no new emails are retreived GMail will wait a bit longer to check next time, if there are new emails GMail will check a bit sooner next time. This is the default behaviour of GMail when checking other added email accounts but you can also force GMail to check immidiately for new emails at any time by going into Settings -> Accounts and clicking the "Check mail now" link beside the added email account. Clicking the refresh button at the top of the GMail web interface should also fetch any new emails from added POP3 accounts.

Oragnising your email in GMail

In GMail you can setup filters to help organise your work and personnal emails.

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